Monday, March 10, 2008

Cedar Creek Grist Mill

I suppose it's blogging laziness to just post pictures, but I get so busy, and I have these really nice pictures, I really do think that a picture can be worth many words, and I like tog ive little snap shots into the things I see. That's why I like to take pictures, I see things from a perspective and I want to show that perspective to others. Well, these are very nice pictures of a grist mill up the road a ways north of Vancouver.

Just so that you can't say I am a lazy blogger, let me tell you a little about what has been going on. My daughter turned 15 yeaterday, she had her party on Saturday, we had steak and shrimp, spinach salad, baked potatoes, asparagus, and chocolate cake (from Costco, the huge one). She got a PS2 game, (something Naruto), and some bath and body works goodies, and from grandma two t-shirts from Hot Topic (ick) and her ears pierced a second time. that's about as racy as it gets, but she said when she turns 18, which she has the days counted down to, she will be getting a third piercing, maybe her nose??? Yeah, right, whatever.

I am working very hard, long hours and days, but I am enjoying what I am doing. It is hard work but rewarding work. Yeah, my people die, but they were dying anyway and at least I can help them die better. I have many people who tell me their family member died well, the way they would have wanted to. That makes me feel good.

I have been playing a game every friday to unwind, an online first person shooter called Star Wars Battlefront. It is kind of fun. I don't usually get into gaming, but this isn't creepy like those horrible zombie FPS games. Little to no blood. There is a group of us from my husbands work and friends/family. The back and forth is fun, and there is a little competition, however they guys that play all the time wipe the floor with most of us.

Ok, on to the pretty pics.....................