Monday, January 12, 2009

Since AP evidently decided to change the article

I went back to look at the article from my link in the previous post, lo and behold, they changed the article, pcdoc did a search and found the original for me on another website and I saved the text, I think it is dishonest of AP to simply change the article, it really doesn't even say the same thing at all, and not note that it is an update or, perhaps more accurately simply offer it as a whole other article. A bit of sleight of hand.

Not particularly surprising

Gay Episcopal bishop won't use bible or pray a "Christian" prayer during inaugural prayer.

Ahem, uhmm, hmmm, it kind of defies explaination. One has to ask one's self why a Christian minister would be reluctant to pray a Christian prayer. One would hope that was why he was invited. It's kind of like having a jazz musician for a concert show up and say, nope, I'm gonna play some classical tonight, because someone in the audience might not like Jazz.

"Clark Stevens, a spokesman for the inaugural committee, said Robinson was invited because he had offered his advice to Obama during the campaign and because of his church work. When asked whether Robinson was included to calm the Warren complaints, he said Robinson is "an important figure in the religious community. We are excited that he will be involved.""

yeah, and my ass is a chinese typewriter.

"I think these are sober and difficult times that we are facing," he said. "It won't be a happy, clappy prayer."

What the **** is a happy clappy prayer? This is such an asinine, thoughtless, predictably pompous statement. What this shows is an incredible lack of awareness of what he is talking about, it's like his head is in a big vacuum, where no actual thought can get in or out and no interaction with the actual world can occur. Cripes, what a maroon. And he is the best the church has to offer? This arrogant piece of work reminds me of Spong, and unfortunately he is widely representative of the Episcopal church today.