Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fall beach cleanup 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

after 2 cups of coffee

Why is it so hard to simply DO what God asks us to do? I can understand not being sure what God asks of us, look at the multiplicity of denominationalism, (even, in it's own way within the Catholic church that would see it's self as a single entity there is, for lack of a better word, "denominations") who differ on the broad picture, "what does God really ask of us?" kind of questions. Would it be wrong to say that the gospel is quite simple? God came to earth as a man, he died for my sins. He died so nothing can come between me and him. He loves me and asks that I love him and love my neighbor. You could say the devil is in the details, but really, if we are truly trying to do these things, we are contending for our faith. I do believe God gives us credit for trying. I have heard some say that it isn't good enough to try, we have to actually do, and I agree to the extent that we do what we know to do, but trying when we aren't sure but willing to go at it anyway, I think God's ok with that, he can redirect us if we are moving, but the laws of inertia apply, A body at rest.......
No, what I really wonder is, why when we pretty much know what is right and what God wants of us, do we not do want what he wants? Why do we want to go our own way even when going our own way leads to problems and stress? Why is it so hard sometimes to WANT to do what is right, even when we know the cost, even when we know it hurts God's feelings (yes I think God has feelings, we have feelings, and we are made like him). What is it in us that resists him, his way, that pushes us to want to go our own way? Even if we do the right thing, there is a part of us that doesn't wanna. Is this the essence of fallenness, of our fallen nature? It's seems like there is a two year old in my head sometimes kicking and screaming to get it's own way, and I don't even like the little bastard. God is patiently and quietly listening and watching, offering solace, offering peace when I will take it, but the little shit won't shut up. Why do we even listen? Why does anyone, given the choice between Godly peace, presence and wisdom choose to do stupid things, or even think about doing stupid things? I wonder sometimes if I am spiritually retarded (I know, bad word) or just fighting the good fight. Does the struggle ever end? When do I lay down my arms and stop the battle? If I did, would my flesh and soul continue the fight or do they eventually give it up? If I stopped contending does God pick up the battle for me or is it simply my fight? Is peace a cessation of struggle or simple an awareness that the struggle does not define my existence? Is the peace of God a cessation of struggle, or is it simply an awareness that the existence of struggle does not mean there is something wrong?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

puppy power, cuteness 2'd

aren't you gonna let me out, please, pretty please, is my cuteness working??
I thought they said Rat terrier, not Bat terrier
die fledermaus/dog wings fully engaged, and ready for takeoff
shit, it isn't working is it? If I pooped in your shoes would you still love me? Cuz......