Sunday, January 24, 2010

lighthouses in the dark

Has anyone else noticed that this year, 2010 has been a strange year? Almost from the start, things have been topsy turvy. I described it to one person as feeling like a snowglobe that has been shook up. I am sure some of that is just our personal life which really has been odd and unsettled, but it is more than that. It's in the air and in the atmosphere. It doens't seem bad, just very, very different. I have made more progress in some areas of my life in such a short time, like never before. I think it is a time God is doing things, a time when us, his people are to run forward, to not look back at the past, at failures, look forward at where God is telling you to go and run for with all your heart. It's like this marathon we have all been on, and you get to thinking (not that I have ever been in a marathon mind you, but if I WERE, it's what I imagine it would be like,) that it seems like it will never end, and why did I sign up for this race and how much farther do I have to go, and wouldn't it be nice just to sit down and rest for a bit. Then you round a bend and you see your support team there with water and banners and a picture of your family who are waiting at the end for you when you get there, and you realize absolutely you can make it, you pick up speed, feet that were tired and sore are strong, sending you hurtling toward the finish. That's what it feels like. It's like, we have to keep our eyes on the finish line, where we are headed, when we look to the side, we stumble and remember why this was so hard in the first place, but when we don't, whoo boy, it's like we are just getting started.

I can see how people who don't know God, who don't love him, could be feeling very nervous, scared, uncertain. The world is becoming, and already is, a scary place. I feel certain however, that we, as God's children, truly are being positioned to become the light of the world. It really won't matter whether we try to hide it or not, why would we, but even if we did, within the darkness surrounding us, we will become so bright, the world won't be able to help but notice. People will ask us, what is different in our lives, why aren't we worried? It almost makes it impossible not to be a witness for God, even if we have never done such in the past. I have heard older Christians commenting on the state the world is in and how evil it has become and I try to tell them, yes, it has but that's why we are here!


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