Monday, March 20, 2006

Nasty bug

I am fighting, winning, against a nasty little bug going around. Head swimming, temperature up, achy and sore, but it is getting better. Hope that everyone else is staying helathy. Will post more when feeling better. Keep on praying and keep on believing. God is good!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

med adjustments

Remarkably, adding a dose of evening ritalin has made a big difference in my daughters behavior. She was getting very wiggy toward afternoon and evening as her long acting meds wore off, and the addition of a short acting in the evening has calmed her right down. I thought that a stimulant in the evening would make bedtime more of a problem but it doesn't. She goes tp sleep better, go figure.

Monday, March 13, 2006

The new school

I am glad to see that for the most part my daughter is doing better at the new school. It is so much smaller and designed to work with kids that don't fit in well or have trouble with following rules. She gets awarded based on right behavior and priviledge taken away for wrong behavior. It is kind of B.F. Skinner-ish, but if it is teaching her more acceptable ways of functioning, then I am ok with that. I think a big part of her problem is that she has so many unacceptable ways of getting things done, much conflict would be avoided if, for instance, she simply asked for what she needed instead of screaming at us and throwing thengs to get her way. It sounds simple but we react to her outbursts and she reacts to our reaction and it doesn't end. She is learning new ways of behaving that don't cause everyone around her to go "Whatthef*&%?" and that is a "good thing".